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Southern States® Alliance with Kentucky Equine Research®

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Southern States® is proud to be aligned with world-renowned equine nutrition research and consultation company - Kentucky Equine Research® (KER), based out of Lexington, KY. Through KER, Southern States enhanced the Legends® line of premium horse feeds with the addition of the highly regarded KER micronutrient vitamin and trace mineral premixes.

Southern States customers also have access to KER’s digital technologies, MicroSteed™ Ration Wizard and EQUINEWS® Presented by Legends website. MicroSteed answers the question of “Is my horse getting the ideal nutrition he needs?” Horse owners, with the guidance of Southern States feed representatives, can create a profile of their own horse and view custom diets using Legends horse feeds. The award-winning EQUINEWS website and The Weekly Feed newsletter bring the latest in equine nutrition and management news right to your inbox, along with special offers directly from Legends!

Microsteed Ration Wizard
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KER’s MicroSteed Ration Wizard is a convenient, easy to use application that assists with choosing the ideal Legends feed to match up with the properties and goals of individual horses.

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Stay up to date with the latest research on equine nutrition, health and management tips for the horse enthusiast. Registrants to the website will also receive “The Weekly Feed” which is a weekly email blast with articles about nutrition and Legends feeds.

Feed questions or comments: (888) 221-8987 or sscfeedquestions@sscoop.com.

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